Interior Fabric & Exterior Paint Protection

There's nothing worse than purchasing a beautiful new vehicle with that 'new car' smell, showroom shine, and perfectly immaculate seat upholstery - only to see the sun fade your paint, bird droppings permanently mark it, or those annoying water spots that get left after spending your spare time washing it. Put the kids in the back seat and let's add some crumbs, maybe spill a hot chocolate - even the dog fur in the back becomes permanently threaded into the seats. It's a nightmare on wheels!

Let us help you, help prevent this from happening!

The Problem

Due to environmental demands manufacturers now have to use water based automotive paint, and whilst being environmentally safe and friendly this can make your vehicle more prone to sun fade and oxidisation. 

Exterior: Bird droppings - tree sap - acid rain - UV rays - Sea Salt - Tar - Dirt - Traffic Film - Bug/Insect Fluids - Temperature Extremes - Detergents

Interior: Liquid spills - Pet Hair - Dirt - Grease - Oil - Food spills


The Solution

GardX Protection - The Ultimate Vehicle Protection system

Gardx Paint Protection is a two stage process that etches FOUR layers of protection onto your vehicle's exterior surface. It is the fastest curing product currently on the market in paint protection and can easily be added to your vehicle purchase to be ready for when you need to drive it away. 

GardX Interior Fabric (Stain Guard) protection is a formulation which coats each individual fibre with an invisible barrier that protects against all the above dilemmas - allowing you to easily clean spills by wiping off with a clean cloth or by vacuuming away. Liquids bead on the surface of the seat insitead of being absorbed by the upholstery, so not only are you left with no staining but also no smell from the liquids your vehicles seating may have otherwise absorbed. 


Asset Protection Pack:

Paint Protection

Interior Protection 



Includes complimentary after care pack + products

Exterior Paint Protection 

Interior Fabric Protection